JE PORTE creations and collections

JE PORTE creations and collections

August 30, 2011

JE PORTE creations and collections now makes online shopping more reasonable .. JE PORTE introduces JE PORTE retail

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JE PORTE creations and collections believes in Animal Friendly products, so we bring to you our Animal Friendly Synthetic leather wallets. Yes its Synthetic so no Animals were harmed for it. And its Leather as it is so well made. In-fact you may be buying these materials already as Leather items.


We understand that this segment is Price sensitive so  we give both options to our customers, weather they want to pay a little more and buy a slightly more sturdy product or go with the market trend which is decent quality. We understand no one is perfect and sky is the limit for improvements so we use our own wallets to understand its flaws and try to eliminate them.

We know we still have a long way to go. So please help us with all your suggestions, criticisms, comments, appreciations or what ever you feel like on

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JE PORTE Creations & Collections

April 16, 2011

JE PORTE Creations & Collections. Creating the right blend between the quality and price.

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